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In 2003 My business was struggling when I attended a seminar by Bill Ligon. This singular event changed the trajectory of my business and my life. Bill’s gentle but firm way of directing, correcting, counseling, and training, is the perfect mix of wisdom, patience, humor and compassion. Bill has been in your shoes, has found principals that work and is willing to share the tools he has developed with anyone who will listen. Bill helped me to understand what I didn’t know, how to price, how to sell, how to succeed. Bill Ligon has been a “partner” in my business since 2003 and I wouldn’t change a thing! Do yourself a favor and ask him to be a “partner” with you, before your competition does, You will be so glad you did! Thanks Bill!

- Von Kopfman from Blue Dot Heating (Topeka, KS)
Before I hired Ligon Consulting I had questions about running my business, to which I knew I needed answers, but had no idea where to find them. Ligon Consulting answered those questions and more.

- Tom Storrer: President of Don’s Heating & Air (Eldorado, KS)

2017 Top 20 Pro Ruud Partners! Celebrating Your Monumental Success

Bill Ligon has been instrumental in consulting our company on financial planning and profit forecasting. This guy really knows his stuff and can teach it to any service business owner!! We would recommend Bill to anyone needed top notch consulting advise!

- Lee Rose from Des Moines Comfort
Bill Ligon gave me the business and the life I always dreamed of.

- Jason Braun from Apex Heating & Air
I received an over-whelming response about the class. I have talked to some of our customers since the class and they started to implement the information they received the next day! Not only was the class very informative, you made it FUN!

- David E. from Lenexa, KS (Territory Manager)
I think of you often and will forever be grateful to your for sharing your experience and wisdom as it helped me turn the corner to becoming a successful contractor.

- Rob B. from St. Louis
We needed a new plan and direction. Bill helped us develop a business plan although it has only been a few months since we first me with Bill, we are now going in the right direction.

- Phil L. from Milwaukee, WS

2017 Top 20 Pro Rheem Partners! Celebrating Your Monumental Success

"One thing we really enjoyed was the fact you held our attention the whole time. Your presentation made us want to listen!! That isn't said about many people in your profession."

"The Profit Forecaster is the perfect tool to develop a business plan by department."

- Bryan Naccarato from Valley Center, KS
I have been in the air-conditioning business for 25 years and I reluctantly attended, thinkink I would get little-to-nothing from the class. Boy was I surprised! This is the best class I have ever attended, and I have attended a lot of classes. This class is a must for everyone in the air-conditioning business.

- Guy B. from San Antonio, TX
The best class I have ever been to. I give it a 10+!

- James M. from Little Rock, AR
Your Profit Forecaster changed our lives and the way we do business. I wish I had this four years ago when my wife and I left of regular jobs and went into business for ourselves.

- Larry R. from Stafford, VA
I have attended a lot of HVAC seminars in my nineteen years in this trade and honestly this is the first one that I have felt has offered something that you can use right away to actually see how your business is doing right now! Your hands on approach with the computers, it is a great way to present this class. You also have great passion for the HVAC contractor and seem to really care about our business.

- Mike C. from Topeka, KS