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Planning for Profit l & ll

This workshop will be different from any you have attended before because it is a hands-on, personalized experience led by a man who has "been there and done that."

Using your own laptop and financial data, you will develop a personalized business plan and will return home with a program you can start using immediately to maximize your profits!
Walk Away With Results!
Now is the best time for you to develop a business plan. This Pricing for Profit Workshop will not only give you the necessary information to complete this task, but Bill will walk you through the process using your own data in a motivating and humorous environment.
Pricing for Profit (One Day Workshop) - What you'll learn:
  • NOTE: You will enter your financial data into the Profit Forecaster and the software does the rest!
  • How to departmentalize your business by sales, cost of sales, gross margin, overhead, and profit/loss. You will learn which part of your business is making money or maybe losing money!
  • How to find the "needed" breakeven sales in each department.
  • How to calculate the "right price" every time using two pricing methods. (Divisor and Dual-Overhead)
  • Learn how to use the Pricing Calculator and the Breakeven features.
  • Learn how to use the "If I Hire" feature.
  • Play unlimited "What If" by changing your numbers in the Profit Forecaster.
  • How to input and use a unique "cookbook" pricing calculator.