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One on One with Bill about Pricing
The HVAC service management software package is easy to use and provides an enormous amount of HVAC and service related information for any professional HVAC Service Dealer.

Bill will send you an article about pricing that he authored for Contracting Business magazine, that you may really like.

Bill will also talk to you about Maintenance Agreements and the value they represent both to the contractor and the customer.
What you and Bill will learn about your Business
  • Sales volume by department
  • "Needed" Gross Margins
  • Overhead by department
  • Breakeven Sales
  • Service Volume per truck
  • "What If" Situations
  • Forecast General Expenses
  • Cash Flow
  • Departmentalization* (without help from a CPA)
    Real time management information that will change your business immediately!

    Departmentalizes any business, from 1 – 10 departments! Maybe for the first time, you will know your sales, gross profit, overhead and net profit by department. Learn the departments that are making a profit and the ones that are losing money; and all this management information is available day by day and with no help required from your CPA.
    And don't forget the Right Price Calculator, accurate pricing for any job! Give me a call to find out more!